Leonardo DR nano

Oehm und Rehbein GmbH

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Ambulance-Emergencies, Imaging Equipment, PACS-Communication Systems-Telemedicine, Radiology Equipment-Devices

The wonderfully light, portable backpack X-ray system for emergencies


Just sling the lightweight Leonardo DR nano backpack system over your shoulder and head off to your next X-ray examination!  The Leonardo consists of only two components: a wireless X-ray detector and a laptop. Weighing just under 9 kg (including carrying case, laptop, accessories and flat panel detector), the system is one of the lightest portable X-ray solutions worldwide. The Leonardo‘s straightforward user interface makes it easy for staff to generate excellent X-ray images. In addition, the integrated multimedia X-ray positioning guide assists with patient positioning.


The system is ideal for ambulatory digital radiography in home care, disaster control and emergency medicine, and well as on ships, yachts and offshore platforms. The Leonardo DR nano system is also well suited for use in confined spaces and uneven terrain.


The X-ray unit and detector have a wireless connection to the acquisition and diagnosis software on the laptop. The X-ray detector and laptop can be stationed up to 10 m apart and still function optimally. X-ray images are available for viewing on the laptop immediately after exposure and can be sent to specialists via e-mail or cloud services.

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