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”The modular documentation and process control software”

The ASANUS IT system offers you an extraordinary BarCon Software complete solution for all functional areas with documentation management for surgical instruments, implants and the complete consumables.
The ASANUS BarCon Software documents and operates your processes with penetrating transparency and control.
Following it is possible to save costs of several million euros annually.

For ASANUS the BarCon CSSD operation and batch documentation software is a premium standard product already for a long time. A matured security system guarantees a perfect and complete documentation.
The software surgery connection for instrument management exists already since 2004.
Meanwhile it is proved for many years, refined and further developed by us.

Since 2006 the complete logistics between CSSD as well as surgery and extern clinics is a fully developed ASANUS BarCon premium software solution for large hospitals with several CSSD operating facilities as well as a big amount of intern/extern OR facilities. For small centres ASANUS offers the compact solution. Endoscopy connections are self-evident for us.

The ASANUS Software for case cart with complete function of order management for instruments as well as the complete consumable supplies in OR makes the ASANUS Software to a complete solution with interfaces to KIS and ERP systems like Orbis over HL7 or SAP and many more. OR failures or postponements due to missing instruments are a thing of the past. Clean planning is standard.

Quality management through documented faults and their analyses are standard in our company.
Furthermore the ASANUS BarCon Software offers an information portal of your flows of goods which is possible over beyond the whole clinic. Professional programming of our ASANUS Software with “Load Test Scenarios” guarantee reliability and running stability. Service with hotline support is our top priority. You speak directly with our system specialists.

“With ASANUS BarCon you create absolute economic efficiency and safety in your material supply processes.”

ASANUS BarCon has been developed for you with the aid of practice-experienced users. According to your needs the BarCon modular structure offers you small, intermediate as well as very large solutions in the modular system.

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