TITANIT – A new standard for cutting instruments.

ASANUS Medizintechnik GmbH

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‘- the superior class of cutting instruments
– extremely high cutting quality
– high resistance in function and life-time
– low service costs
– allergy free of chrome and nickel save patient and users
– full guarantee for 5 years

The ASANUS TITANIT® instruments are based on a new manufacturing technology with innovative and economical specialties.

All ASANUS TITANIT® scissors are extremely hard and grinded with a special high cutting quality. Through the high hardness and fully closed protective area the durability of ASANUS TITANIT® needle holders and forceps is much longer. Long Life using guarantee with 5 years and life spam guarantee for all body of instrument make TITANIT unrivalled.

In surgery this brings significant advantages and high economic efficiency. Furthermore these instruments offer you a corrosion and acid resistance as well as impact strength.

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