ARIS RFID Chip – with ARIS, you are safe!

ASANUS Medizintechnik GmbH

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– bulk reading (simultaneous reading of several instruments)
– counting control during and after surgery
– extremely wide reading range
– readability of blood-smeared or packed instruments
The ARIS technology is based on a RFID Chip, which is applied to the medical device. This chip can be read with the ASANUS ARIS system. The ARIS RFID Chip enables the clearly identification and traceability of every instrument in your operation cycle, from RUMED to Logistics, up to surgery.
“The safe system for process documentation and controlling!”
Through automatic reading, every manually identification and reading error can be avoided. The booking of articles within the set packing list and the storage are faultless through automatic booking with the ARIS RFID at every moment. In combination with the BarCon Software, this leads to secure data of your medical device.

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