BiClamp 150 C

Erbe Elektromedizin GmbH

Product Keywords

Medical Technology and Electromedical Equipment, Operating Theatre-Equipment, Surgical Equipment-Instruments-Implants-Devices

BiClamp: Bipolar Electrosurgical Coagulation – effective large-scale coagulation of tissue structures in open surgery and laparoscopy.

• Tissue structures can be coagulated over larger areas
• The individual dissection of vessels is usually not necessary
• Effective and rapid coagulation due to the optimal synchronization of the instrument and the ERBE VIO generator
• Highly economical: ERBE BiClamp is reusable; the procedure saves time and suture material
• AUTO STOP is user-friendly and offers optimal results
• When the instrument is plugged in, Plug & Play automatically adjusts the specific parameters

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