VIO® 200 S

Erbe Elektromedizin GmbH

Product Keywords

Endoscopy, Medical Technology and Electromedical Equipment, Operating Theatre-Equipment, Surgical Equipment-Instruments-Implants-Devices

The electrosurgical unit for out-patient specialities.

In spite of its wide range of output and functions, operating the VIO 200 S is both simple and user-friendly. We recommend the VIO 200 S for use by medical practitioners in private practice and outpatient clinics for the following areas:: gastroenterology (polypectomies, papillotomies), ENT, dermatology or surgical outpatient clinics.

• Display-supported neutral electrode safety system NESSY provides interactive assistance when positioning the patient plate
• VIO supports the automatic activation functions AUTO START and AUTO STOP in BIPOLAR SOFT
• Up to 10 programs can be stored
• 2 footswitches can be connected to the unit
• VIO 200 S can be updated (updates possible)

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