LAP BiSect Micro

Erbe Elektromedizin GmbH

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Medical Technology and Electromedical Equipment, Operating Theatre-Equipment, Surgical Equipment-Instruments-Implants-Devices

New LAP BiSect Micro for precise bipolar dissection

The LAP BiSect enables laparoscopic surgery with a minimum need for equipment and instruments. Easier, quicker, more effective and more cost-efficient. With its excellent preparation properties and effective coagulation and dissection, the LAP BiSect offers a wide range of functions and thus makes new operating techniques possible. Tissue is separated electrosurgically, so that it is not necessary to resharpen the blades as is required for mechanical cutting.

  • Considerable freedom of movement during surgery due to the curved jaw shape
  • Jaws allow precise and anatomical surgery
  • as well as variable, individual surgery depending on the target tissue

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