Newton – Urodynamics compact

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Diagnostic-Equipment-Instruments-Devices, Gynecology

Registered practice users and clinical users are always delighted with the diagnostic options, functionality and user control concept that the Newton urodynamic measuring system offers the sophisticated urologist and gynecologist. Its unique flexibility and mobility in conjunction with compact design ensure impressive performance in daily routine use and it also more than satisfies the requirements of intensive everyday clinical activities. The modular system permits extensions and updates later so different upgrade configurations are feasible without any problems, especially for interfacing with EDP practices / clinic systems. By opting for the Newton you decide in favour of a worthwhile investment in the future!


  • simple, time-saving and effective measurements
  • State-of-the-art technology and high variability
  • high-precision measurement data acquisition
  • Touchscreen
  • clear printouts of the measurement data and analyses
  • space-saving functional design
  • Measuring programs & analyzes according to the ICS standard
  • Print on DIN A4 via external PC with database connection or high-performance thermal paper printer

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