High Performance ICU Ventilation with the Evita

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Experience the next level of ventilator operation. The Evita® V800 combines high performance ventilation with an aesthetic design that makes it quick and easy to use. From the first onset of a lung protective ventilation until the integration of a patient care-centred intensive care workplace.
The Evita V800 features:

  • A brilliant user interface that supports intuitive, quick and safe operation even in the most stressful situations due to its intuitive menu access to both settings and staff’s clinical data.
  • Our comprehensive treatment tools that help support your clinician’s lung protective ventilation strategy for example, advanced lung monitoring and diagnostic features, recruitment tools or breath-by-breath trends.
  • A synchronised treatment tool that supports quick and efficient weaning.
  • Instant and flexible patient transport by using optional hardware components to support early mobilisation.
  • Comprehensive Services that encompass a wide range of service solutions prior, during and after the installation of your purchased units.

We envision a future of acute care where medical devices are connected as a system.
Interoperability between different devices can help to avoid preventable medical errors and potentially serious inefficiencies.

Alongside our intensive care ventilator Evita V800, we also offer gentle ventilation with the Babylog VN800 neonatal ventilator. Babylog supports lung and brain protective ventilation modes throughout the whole respiratory cycle and can be easily integrated into a developmental care friendly workplace. It includes:

  • High performance ventilation capabilities from conventional to high-frequency oscillation, and non-invasive ventilation as well as oxygen therapy.
  • A set of treatment tools in order to apply lung and brain protective ventilation strategies.
  • A tablet-like operating philosophy that is easy to use.
  • A flexible workplace integration and transport option.

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