Intelligent vessel sealing with marSeal IQ and SealSafe® IQ

KLS Martin SE & Co. KG

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The bipolar vessel sealing system consisting of the maxium® high-frequency generator with its SealSafe® IQ current and the bipolar marSeal instruments allows you to seal vessels and tissue bundles effectively and lastingly without any need for previous dissection or detailed exposure of the tissue to be sealed.

Thanks to the precise SealSafe® IQ current specially adapted to this kind of application, only the tissue located between the instrument’s jaws is sealed – lateral thermal tissue damage can thus be kept to an absolute minimum. This is explained by the high power-to-voltage ratio (high output power but low voltage) that is typical of the SealSafe® IQ current, distinguishing it from the conventional bipolar HF technique.

Besides, the SealSafe® IQ current has been optimized to reduce tissue adhesion or instrument incrustation drastically and prevent tissue carbonization as long as the current is used as intended.

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