NON-STICKred Forceps

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New ergonomics for secure coagulation without adhesion

Accurate to the point

The latest generation of forceps, the NON-STICKred forceps, allows for the precise coagulation of vessels – accurately to the point. Their permanent non-stick effect and special non-skid texture make these forceps an indispensable aid during everyday surgical procedures.

When using conventional bipolar forceps, the coagulated tissue might stick to the tip of the forceps during coagulation. The consequence: when removing the forceps, the previously coagulated tissue is injured and the respective contact surfaces start to bleed again.

By using the new bipolar forceps generation – NON-STICKred – the undesirable adhesion of tissue to the forceps is prevented. This is enabled by polished noble metal tips, which prevent the adhesive effect through their excellent thermal conductibility. The labor-intensive cleaning of the forceps tip during surgery largely becomes superfluous as well.

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