mamilan® Breastcreme

Kimetec GmbH

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Health Care-General Supplies, Nursing Products-Breast Pumps

• To be applied on sore, cracked and dry nipples.
• Ideal for breastfeeding moms with sensitive and dry skin
• Using: Put a droplet of the mamilan® breastcreme onto your finger and massage it into the entire nipple area after each breastfeeding. Already 1 hour after the ointment has been applied, craggy skin is reduced by up to 40 %
• Creates perfect conditions for fast wound healing
• Organic care product – free of paraffin, preservatives and sugar
• mamilan® breastcreme is made of purest, sugar-free lanolin and does not need to be washed off prior to breastfeeding
• Also very suited as lip balm and to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy
• Contains 100% pure lanolin, sugar and paraffin free, free of preservatives


Lanolin is wool fat obtained when washing sheep wool. Our lanolin, obtained in Australia and New Zealand, is characterized by a very high degree of purity. Lanolin possesses very positive skin caring properties as the wool fat helps to regulate the transepidermal moisture balance. It helps accelerate the wound healing process and nurtures stressed skin.

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