MicroStop® | The number one smart instrument storage system

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Facilitates the daily routines in your central sterile supply department (CSSD) and in the OR – and provides economic benefits as well.

The KLS Martin MicroStop® sterilization containers can be sterilized as often as you like. And as no consumables are required at all, MicroStop® cuts down on your waste considerably, thus helping preserve the environment too. Therefore, MicroStop® sterilization containers are not only a cost-effective alternative to conventional, filter-based systems, but an environmentally compatible one as well.

The MicroStop® Sterile Barrier | No chance for microbes

The MicroStop® sterile barrier is a flow inhibition system based on a principle discovered by Louis Pasteur. With a separation efficiency of 99.99997%, it offers significantly better protection against microbes and particles than any filter.

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