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There is absolutely no margin for error in cardiac and vascular surgery. Each step of a procedure needs to be planned and performed with the highest of precision and accuracy. The focus is squarely on ensuring the greatest possible success for the surgeon, the surgery itself and above all the patient.

Such vital needs fuel our continuous drive to develop our innovative and reliable products. Our passionate commitment to our own research and development, always reflecting the current trends and needs in the field, enables us to master both standard tasks as well as formidable challenges.

Every cardiac procedure demands precision, finely honed skill and intuitive instinct. We put precision and accuracy right into the hands of cardiac surgeons. Our instruments help to ensure the greatest possible surgical outcome while positively impacting the life of the patient.

Working in close cooperation with leading cardiosurgical centers around the world, the KLS Martin Group continues to rapidly expand product lines for the profoundly sophisticated discipline of cardiac, thoracic and vascular surgery. Unique features and high-quality material processing ensure the best possible treatment can be provided during surgery and long thereafter.

From minimally invasive instruments for valve surgery to a novel tube holder concept to innovative retractor systems for maximum exposure, to name just a few, the KLS Martin Group provides individual solutions for virtually all surgical applications.

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