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Clean Room Technology

Best filter performance with minimal pressure drop and maximum service life 

State-of-the-art filter technology in WOLF air handling units ensures perfect hygiene, excellent indoor air quality, component protection, environmental protection and low operating costs. The standardised solutions, some of which were developed in collaboration with WOLF, are selected and calculated for all requirements and output ranges on a project-specific basis. 

Clean and healthy air; low energy consumption. The WOLF product range covers all filter technologies and, naturally, meets ISO 16890 filter standards (applicable as of 01/01/2017).  

In addition to filter quality, undesirable bypass leaks and filter maintenance have a significant effect on the hygiene of indoor air. WOLF AHU appliances are designed with the lowest possible filter bypass leakage and use a filter quick-clamping system to fulfil the highest hygiene requirements. The BMK Touch programming unit also provides smart filter monitoring with a filter status indicator. 

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