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WOLF Power Systems is a system supplier that is perfectly in tune with your requirements. For our combined heat and power modules, we offer a comprehensive range of services, from the engineering stage to installation, commissioning and full service for operating your module. 

CHP modules are used in almost every industry to improve the energy footprint, particularly when heat and power requirements are high. 

  • Apartment blocks with several residential units 
  • Supermarkets, department stores, shopping and distribution centres 
  • Banks and insurance companies 
  • Hospitals and care institutions 
  • Administrative and educational institutions 
  • Sports facilities such as swimming pools and stadiums 
  • Hotels and restaurants 
  • Industry and workshops 
  • Agricultural facilities, with or without biomass processing 
  • Sewage treatment facilities, etc. 

After all, a combined heat and power solution that is perfectly in tune with your individual requirements not only needs to be seamlessly integrated into your industrial or commercial building – it also needs to be optimally adapted to the electricity market. Only then will you be able to run your system successfully and cost effectively. 

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