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Clean Room Technology

1) Intake air humidifier – For the most stringent hygiene requirements 

Steam humidifiers are deployed in the supply air flow for controlled air humidification. Water is brought to the boil in the humidifier using electricity or gas and evaporates. This separates out or destroys all minerals and biological constituents. 

The purified water vapour is injected through the steam lance fitted inside the air handling appliance into the air flow, where it is absorbed. The condensate produced is collected in a stainless steel pan that slopes down to the side drain on three sides.  

  • Flawless hygiene 
  • Variable output control (optional) 
  • Low water losses (condensate) 
  • No air reheating required 
  • Short installed length possible 
  • Easy to service 
  • Suitable for various water qualities 

2) HygroFlow spray humidifier 

HygroFlow spray humidifiers create more pleasant, healthier indoor air. Optimum air humidity is also crucial for the best results in manufacturing processes. In short, spray humidifiers are an essential component of responsible air conditioning systems for buildings. 

The HygroFlow spray humidifier facts and figures: 

  • Total length of just 900 mm regardless of the size of the air conditioning unit 
  • Exact humidification performance through proportional humidification control 
  • Particularly flexible application: can be installed on the suction side or pressure side of fans 
  • Removable dual-stage aerosol separators for easy access and aerosol-free air 
  • Certified hygiene according to VDI 6022, confirmed by TÜV Nord 
  • Custom configuration for every one of your projects 
  • No interface problems – all appliances from a single source – from WOLF 

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