Laser Therapy: LAS-Expert with laser shower and laser pen


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The therapeutic effect of laser therapy is athermal and is based on photobiological effects. Laser light is applied by laser shower (larger surfaces) or laser pen (key point treatment, laserpuncture).

LAS-Expert with laser shower and laser pen

The advanced unit for low level laser application by laser shower and laser pen


  • Laser shower with 14 laser diodes for application on larger surfaces (e. g. in trauma, arthropathy, large muscular hypertony and in dermatology)
  • Laser pen incl. acupuncture search function (per conductometry) for key point treatment or laserpuncture
  • Both applicators feature additional keys for parameter setting
  • Laser Emission:
    785 nm semiconductor laser
    proven: best values in penetration depth
    and biostimulation efficiency)
  • Multi– and Alpha-frequency (laser shower)
  • Continuous, Multi– and Nogier-frequencies
    (laser pen)

  • LCD Comfort Display (illuminated) for especially good visibility
  • PHYSIOMED one-button-operation for maximum user-friendliness
  • Automatic Calculation of treatment parameters for an efficient and safe therapy. After entering the desired energy density and treatment surface, the LAS-Expert will automatically calculate the treatment parameters
  • Extensive Indications Index for accessing therapy via an alphabetically sorted list of indications, with automatic call of a treatment program featuring a suggested dosage and a graphic of the treatment area
  • Individual program memory: individually adjustable and quickly called program memories for frequently used treatment programs

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