marLED® E Battery – mobile, powerful, self-contained

KLS Martin SE & Co. KG

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Operating Theatre-Equipment

It looks exactly like the marLED® E, it is just as powerful, yet mobile and works without any external power supply – the marLED® E Battery. The batteries are directly integrated into the light head. And what’s best, recharging is just a matter of two hours.

As a result, the marLED® E Battery delivers brilliant light for up to 8 hours. Wherever it is used – in the wilderness, in humanitarian efforts, in developing regions, in crisis areas. In fact, anywhere where light matters a lot – but no power supply is available. From the smallest to the largest light – the marLED® E Battery series includes all variants of the customary marLED® E series. And it also offers a maximum output of 160,000 lx. Reliable power supply just couldn’t be more mobile.

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