VIO® 300 S

Erbe Elektromedizin GmbH

Product Keywords

Endoscopy, Medical Technology and Electromedical Equipment, Operating Theatre-Equipment, Surgical Equipment-Instruments-Implants-Devices

Electrosurgery with a System: automatic output dosage for the OR.

We configure the VIO 300 S – both the hardware and the software – individually according to your needs: according to the medical specialty, the indication and the specific requirements of the operative procedures. This means that operative interventions can be carried out even more efficiently, precisely and sparingly for the patient. You can choose between different modules and software upgrades – you have many options. In spite of its wide choice of output and functions, operating the VIO 300 S is both simple and comfortable. It is individually configured to the needs of the specific operative procedure.

• Simple to operate due to FocusView
• Display-supported neutral electrode safety system NESSY provides interactive assistance when positioning the patient plate
• Assignment of the footswitch: the display makes it possible to assign the footswitch or even just one footswitch pedal to the output socket of choice
• VIO supports the automatic activation functions AUTO-START and AUTO-STOP

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