SaneoVITAL – Massage by gently stimulating electrical impulses

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The SaneoVITAL TENS & EMS massage device allows the user to enjoy a beneficial time-out after a strenuous or stressful day. Depending on the massage program, SaneoVITAL can help to relieve painful muscular tension, train facial muscles or those in the stomach, legs and bottom regions. It can help to reduce pain caused by swelling, for example, in the legs, or simply to relax perfectly, all using pleasant electrical impulses.

TENS & EMS electrical stimulation has already been successfully employed by the medical profession for many years, due to its effectiveness having been proved by several scientific studies.

The SaneoVITAL massage machine lets the user enjoy a heavenly massage of the upper or lower back, of the arms or legs – every part of the body
needs revival occasionally. With SaneoVITAL the user can indulge oneself once in a while.


  • supports Muscle growth/ strengthening around the chest, arms (biceps, triceps) and legs
  • 17 programs
  • 2 separately adjustable channels
  • 8 self-adhesive, reusable electrodes

(50 x 50 mm, 32 mm round, 4 pieces each)

  • easy-to-use
  • belt clip
  • large display & timer function
  • certified medical product

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