SaneoCARE – Continence Therapy by functional electrostimulation

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The SaneoCARE therapy system is a therapeutic device for functional electrostimulation (FES). It is used in home therapy for the treatment of various forms of incontinence.

FES (functional electrostimulation) is scientifically accepted and proven in medicine. When nerves fail, after operations etc. muscle cells deteriorate. The FES therapy stimulates the affected nerve with medically effective, electrical current and innervates (the nerve passes on the stimulation) of the affected muscle. The muscle is strengthened.

SaneoCARE can, depending on therapy program selected, through the output of electrical pulses support the active training of the affected muscle groups.


  • for therapy of stress incontinence, urge incontinence, fecal incontinence/defecation disorder and neurogenic bladder disfunction
  • supports pelvic floor exercises after pregnancy
  • 3 programs (2 with individual settings)
  • 2 separately adjustable channels
  • 1 electrode (vaginal-, rectal-, intracorporal electrode)
  • scientifically proved parameters
  • easy-to-use
  • belt clip
  • large display & timer function
  • certified medical product

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